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AIG INSURANCE: Comprehensive cover for own goods commercial vehicles of value KES 1,500,000 and below

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Premium per year is

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Windscreen: Covered for Free up to KES. 50,000

Vehicle Entertainment System: Covered for Free up to KES. 50,000

Towing/ Recovery Expenses: Covered for Free up to KES. 50,000

Repair Authority: Covered for Free up to KES. 50,000



Medical Expenses: Covered for Free up to KES. 30,000

Loss of Use: Based on the number of days, excess of three days

Road Rescue (recovery & towing): Automobile Association of Kenya(AA) within Kenya

Claims: Drive Assessment at AIG House

Special perils: Covered

Use by Motor Trader: Covered

Agreed Value: Applicable subject to valuation at inception or renewal or dealer invoice for zero mileage

Personal Accident (free with road rescue benefit) KES. 500,000 is payable in case of death of any authorized driver arising from a road accident involving the insured vehicle

Emergency Medical Response (road ambulance), (free with road rescue benefit): Covered but for Designated Road Ambulance Provider within East Africa

Geographical Area: East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda & Burundi)

Riot, Strike and Civil Commotion (RSCC): Covered

Third Party Bodily Injury: Unlimited

Third Party Property Damage Limit: 20,000,000

Passenger Legal Liability (Per Passenger): 3,000,000

Passenger Legal Liability (Per Event): 20,000,000



Third Party: NIL

Third Party Property Damage: NIL

Accidental Damage/Partial Theft: 5% of vehicle value minimum Kshs. 20,000. NO BLAME NO EXCESS

Total Theft: 10% of vehicle value with anti-theft devices, 20% of vehicle value without anti-theft and 5% of vehicle value with approved satellite tracking devices min Kshs 20,000/=

Learner, Young (below 25Yrs) & Inexperienced Drivers (less than 2 years): KES. 5,000/- in addition to any other excess on the policy.


Vehicle max age at entry is 10 years

Minimum premium is KES. 35,000



Will apply in respect to accidental damage where the insured is not to blame. A police abstract report blaming the third party will be required as prove of the party to blame for this benefit to apply. There must be an identifiable Third Party vehicle. Claims below the minimum excess will be borne by the insured.




Will apply where the motor vehicle is involved in an accident, the insured will not be liable to pay AIG any amount of excess that is applicable in respect of accidental own damage but subject to the claim amount being above payable minimum excess. When the excess protection is applied to a claim, cover will be deemed to have been utilized and the client is expected to reinstate the same at an additional premium to continue enjoying this benefit.





Additional benefits

Excess protector:

Political Risk/terrorism:

AA Membership/Rescue: 5,000